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CCIS General Info

China Creek Internet Services LTD   (Owners of the NetHop.Net domain)

  • Office Phone #: (250) 295-7944
  • Office Fax #:  (250) 295-7946
  • Office Toll Free #:  1-866-936-7375
  • Mailing Address: Box 1753, Princeton, B.C. V0X1W0

User Information

  • E-mail Address:

Email Server Information

  • SMTP Server:
  • SMTP Authentication turned ON
  • SMTP port to 587 (requires TLS/SSL)
  • POP3 and IMAP Server:
  • Account Username:

DNS Server Information

  • Primary DNS: (Server Assigned is OK, and preferred)
  • Secondary DNS: (Server Assigned is OK, and preferred)

Dial up Access

  • Dial Access: (250) 295-7473

FTP Address for personal pages: (

  • username & password required
  • upload pages into the root directory

Account Payment options

For billing related inquiries email:
For general information and customer support email: , or use the tech-support link below.