Ole Juul

Coalmont, BC

Here are some of my other sites.

Coalmont Community     New Coalmont Courier     Coalmont Centennial

Voxigo     Boolean Warming     juul.ca

Here is my hat.

Me in my red railroad hat

Here is my house.

My house at entrance to town

For anyone who is interested, there are many ways to contact me. I live in the old Coalmont General Store that you see in the picture. It's been there since January 1912, so if you get within 20 miles anyone can tell you where it is. Electronically, the easiest way to reach me is via e-mail sent to oj@olejuul.ca

Here are the flags that I fly on the CGS.

True Canadian Flag (1868) British Columbia Provincial Flag Dannebrog (Danish flag) Union Flag (1801) Honourable East India Company Flag (St.George)