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August 30, 2023

Try our new live chat on our website. You can use this for any inquiries about email accounts or forwarding.

August 29, 2023
Brazen Theft at Fairview Wireless Repeater Site: Generators, Fuel Tank, Batteries, and Chargers Stolen

Fairview, August 29,2023 – In a shocking incident, our wireless repeater site located at Fairview Mountain above Keremeos was targeted by thieves who made away with valuable equipment, causing disruption to crucial communication services. The daring heist took place in the early hours, and law enforcement agencies have been informed and hopefully can apprehend the culprits and recover the stolen items.

The masked thieves managed to breach the site's security measures by shooting the lock off of the door, thereby gaining unauthorized access to the facility. Once inside, they brazenly seized two sizeable generators, a 50-gallon gas tank, as well as all the batteries and chargers essential for the operation of the wireless repeater site. The stolen equipment is estimated to be worth a substantial sum and plays a pivotal role in maintaining uninterrupted communication services for the region.

The authorities are urging anyone with information related to the theft or suspicious activity around the time of the incident to come forward and assist in the investigation. In the meantime, efforts are being made to restore the wireless communication services to their full capacity, mitigating the impact of the stolen equipment on the community.

A video of the thieves in action can be viewed at the link below.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to restore full functionality of our wireless Internet repeater site on Fairview Mountain.

August 24, 2023

As you might already be aware, our servers unfortunately fell victim to a ransomware attack. However, we are pleased to inform you that our website is now fully operational once again.

Regarding your email accounts, we kindly request users to reach out to us to facilitate the recreation of their mailboxes, which will initially be devoid of any content. To proceed with this, we kindly ask for your assistance in resetting your password to one that is robust and secure. Given the prevailing challenges, it's worth noting that there has been an increase in deceptive phishing emails masquerading as communications from us. These fraudulent attempts ask recipients to reset their passwords on an almost daily basis. For your convenience, we encourage you to refer to our comprehensive F.A.Q. section. It provides valuable insights on recognizing Scam or Phishing emails.

To ensure a seamless process, we recommend that you directly contact us at, providing the new password you've chosen. For security purposes, please ensure that your password is a minimum of 10 characters in length, combining uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Upon receiving your information, we will promptly recreate your mailbox and respond with the necessary details to access it.

It's important to note that you'll retain the ability to reset your password autonomously in the future. This can be accomplished at Should you prefer an alternative method, our portal also offers the option to create a support ticket, bypassing the need for email communication at

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work together to restore full functionality and security to your accounts.

August 10, 2023

The customer portal at is back online. PayPal portal is also back online.

August 1, 2023

We will start to forward email addresses to a new email address of your choice. To get set up, create yourself a new email address with (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or a provider of your choice.) Your current emails will be forwarded to the new email address you have just created. You will have no access to your old email at this time.

July 26, 2023

We regret to inform you that we have experienced a ransomware attack and have been locked out of our email and some other servers. We want to be completely transparent with you in letting you know that we are actively working around the clock on rebuilding new servers, however this is a task that takes time.

  • We do not and did not store any credit card information of customers.
  • Our main website is down and we are working on it.
  • Our email server is also down and will be for days, but we are working on it.
  • We suggest that customers use Gmail or Outlook until we get our email server back up.
  • This ransomware attack will not affect your internet service.

If you are experiencing any connection issues, please contact our office via phone: 866-936-7375 or 250-295-7944.

We are working around the clock to get our servers back up and running. We expect it to take 5-7 days to get our servers repaired. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working hard to get our servers operational as soon as possible.

We will keep you updated on our progress. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.